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Towns and Cities of Senegal

Information about the villages, towns, and cities of Senegal.

Cap Skirring
Town on the southern-most Atlantic coast of Senegal, in the Ziguinchor Region (Basse Casamanca Region) of Senegal. It has an airport and a golf course and it is a popular beach destination for European travelers. Cap Skirring is also known as Cap Skiring. It is located just north of the Senegal's border with Guinnea-Bissau.
- Hotels in Cap Skiring
- Wikipedia Introduction to Cap Skirring
- Cap-Skirring Dot Com Web Site
- Picture of Cap Skirring Beach
- Map Showing the Location of Cap Skirring

Dakar City
Dakar City of the capital of Senegal and it is also its largest city. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Senegal on the Cap-Vert Peninsula. Dakar has more then a million residents and it is a major deepwater Atlantic seaport. Attractions in and near Dakar include Goree Island, the Dakar Grand Mosque, Dakar Cathedral, the IFAN Museum of West African Culture, the Senegal Zoo, Hann Par, and the African Renaissance Monument.
- Hotels in Dakar City
- Wikipedia Introduction to Dakar City
- WikiTravel Dakar Travel Guide
- Lonely Planet Dakar Travel Guide
- Dakar-Travel Dot Com Web Site
- British Embassy in Dakar
- United States Embassy in Dakar
- African Resistance Monument - Article 1 - Article 2 - Article 3
- Bel-Air Cemetery

Town on the Atlantic coast of Senegal in the section of that country lying south of The Gambia (The Gambia is a tiny country surrounded on three sides by Senegal and on one side by the Atlantic Ocean).
- Hotels in Kafountine
- Kafountine: A Village in Casamance
- French Wikipedia Kafountine Article
- WikiTravel Kafountine Travel Guide

The city of MBour in the Thies Region of Senegal, in the coastal region known as "Le Petite Cote". Popular tourist destination. Lcoated about 80 kilometers south of Dakar.
- Hotels in Mbour
- Wikipedia Introduction to Mbour
- WikiTravel Travel Guide

Saint Louis City (aka Ndar)
Senegal's city of Saint-Louis is located on the Atlantic coast of Senegal near the mouth of the Senegal River. Saint Louis was the capital of the French Colony of Senegal from 1673 to 1902.
- Hotels in Saint Louis du Senegal
- Saint Louis Du Senegal Tourisme
- Saint Louis du Senegal Dot Com Web Site
- Wikipedia Introduction to Saint Louis
- WikiTravel Saint Louis Travel Guide
- BBC "Senegal's Decaying City of Charm" Article

The beach resort town of Saly is located on the section of Senegal coastline known as "Le Petite Cote". It is about 80 Kilometers south of Dakar and about 65 kilometers north of the Sine Saloum Delta. It is a popular beach destination for European travelers, especially those from France and Belgum. Saly is also known as "Sali" and "Saly Portudal". Saly is one of the most visited tourist destinations in all of West Africa. Saly's peak tourism season is from November to april.
- Hotels in Saly
- Wikipedia Introduction to Saly
- WikiTravel Saly Travel Guide
- Saly Senegal Dot Net Web Site

La Somone is a small beach resort town near Saly on "Le Petite Cote" of Senegal. Both Saly and La Somone well-known for its watersports such as deep sea fishing, catamaran cruises, kayaking, windsurfin, waterskiing, and jetskiing. Nearby attractions include a lagoon and birdwatching site known as Reserve de la Somone and the Bandia Nature Reserve wildlife park where giraffe, rhino, zebra, ostrich, antelope, buffalo, ush pigs, impala, and other wildlife can be viewed.
- Hotels in Somone
- French Wikipedia Introduction to Somone

A city in Central Senegal on the road between the city of Kaolack and Senegal's border with The Gambia.
- Hotels in Toubakouta
- WikiTravel Toubakouta Travel Guide

Ziguinchor City
Largest city in the Casamance area of Senega, the region of Senegal south of The Gambia. Ziguinchor is situated at the mouuth of the Casamance River. Not far from the Beaches of Cap Skirring.
- Hotels in Ziguinchor
- Wikipedia Introduction to Ziguinchor
- WikiTravel Ziguinchor Travel Guide

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